Castle / Castillo Lyrics / Letra

Construimos un castillo en el aire, en el aire
We built a castle, we built a castle, in the air, in the air
sostenerlo fue imposible, era tarde, era tarde.
We couldn’t hold it, we couldn’t hold it, it was late, it was late.
Lo encendimos, lo avivamos, lo dejamos apagar
Yes, we light it. Yes, we fan it. Yes, we left it off, I know
lo probamos y fallamos. Es el precio que pagué
that we tried and we failed. That’s the price I paid
por querer más.
because of wanting more.

Nunca lo hubiera esperado, éramos “nosotros” y no era más “yo”;
I never expected it, suddenly we were “us” and it wasn’t “Me” alone,
de repente compartimos tanto, que nos comenzó a pesar.
in a little time we shared a lot and we began to feel that weight.
Suelo preguntarme como hubiera sido si hubiera luchado contra el destino,
I use to wonder how the story would have ended if I had strength enough to fight against fate
pero era una guerra desigual conmigo, contigo y contra los demás.
but it was an unequal war against me, against you, against everybody else.

Infinitas las lecturas. Son eternas las excusas.
Infinite points of view. The excuses are eternal.
Solo el cielo sabe porque no pasó… a mayores.
Heaven only knows why we didn’t… get worse.

Sonreí, miraste a otro lado pude imaginar que abandonaste el barco,
When I smiled at you, you looked away. That’s when I realized you abandoned our ship
fue tan gratis, libre el soñarlo pero costó renunciar.
although dreaming is entirely free, it cost too much to give it up.
He pasado por peores situaciones y mi Dios ha estado y seguirá estando
I have overcome harder situations and I know my God was and will be by my side
Porque cuando el mundo tira para abajo es para indicarme que yo estoy más alto
Because when the world pulls me down, is when I realize that I’m higher, higher

Divino humano / Divine human

[ES] “Divino humano” pertenece al lado más mental y reflexivo de “SimpleMente”.
Unirnos puede ser tan humano como deshumanizante.

[EN] “Divine Human” belongs to the mental and thoughtful side of “SimpleMente”
Approaching to others can be as human as dehumanizing.

“Divine human”

The forsaken dream won’t let you fall asleep.
Sinking in its tiring, I find it alone.
I’ve been waiting too much to hear your voice again.
Life is dropping off and I can’t avoid it.
I can’t avoid it.

From divine to human, from human to object
If I finally find you, it won’t be on right time.
If it’s too far, I will run.
If it’s too late for us, it could happen or not.

A sea full of emotions fighting to be free.
when I get closer, it gets harder.
Deleting, denying, the end is well known:
My soul or my conscience. Something must be mauled.
Something must be mauled…

Hit me right now. With your burning touch break the ice between us
Or look at me. Rest in my arms as long as you need it
Open up wide your heart. Please wake up!
Don’t you know? Here I am. Do something!

From divine to human, from human to object.
If I finally find you, it won’t be on right time.
From divine to human, from human to object.
If I finally find you, it won’t be on right time.
If it’s to far, I will run.
If your love is complete for me. Maybe.
If it hurts less, that’s right
If it’s too late for us, it could happen or not.

divino humano artwork isra

Tell me (lyrics) / Dime (traducción)

Tell me

Tell me how to act when there’s nobody here.
What I have to show without your eyes on me?
Tell me what to do with lots of hugs to give
when you stay miles and miles away from here?

What will happen with confessions that just are
bridges that erase spaces between us?
If I have the winters but I miss your voice
there’s a piece of me you’ve taken and I lost

Tell me: When you will be back. Are we going to restart?
Tell me: When you will accept, when I will accept what it was?
Hear the beating of my heart overflowing this city now
Tell me you will not regret what we let passed by, and you are right

What will happen with the moments we don’t share?
Should I save my words for our next time?
What if our story simply didn’t end?
You gave up when it started the best part

I can live without you, but it isn’t true

What will happen with the unsaid words we have?
Heaven only knows if they went far enough…

(algo) más / (something) more

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The sign (always) goes beyond the object. I’d like to dive into depths of the dilemma: We identify ourselves with our body but we are not just it. Just reading this allow you to realize that my presence is not necessary a material existance to exist other’s life. My body exists only in real life but my being can exist in virtual life independently.

When we talk about body obsolescence we find extreme positions as those of the artist Orlan who modified their physical with surgeries to express artistic concepts as if it were a single object, or the anime Ghost in the Shell (mother of the movie “Matrix” or “Avatar”) which deals with a world where androids and humans ONLY differ by their conscience.

In my personal experience I know death is a perception matter: Remember and you’ll bring a person to life. Ignore to subtract other’s entity. There is no life or death, just remember or forgetting.

If our existence is migrating to intangible forms, our body still has sense? Or just a container? That is the question I sing

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El signo (siempre) va más allá del objeto. Sumerjámonos en las profundidades de su dilema: Nos identificamos con nuestro cuerpo, pero no somos él. Leer ésto basta para darnos cuenta que no es necesaria nuestra presencia material para existir en la vida de otro. Mi cuerpo existe solo en la vida real, pero mi ser puede existir en la vida virtual en forma totalmente independiente.

Cuando hablamos de la obsolescencia del cuerpo nos encontramos con posturas extremas como las de la artista Orlan quien modifica su físico con cirugías en torno a sus conceptos artísticos como si solo fuera un objeto, o el animé Ghost in the Shell (madre de las películas “Matrix” o “Avatar”) el cual aborda un mundo en la cual androides y seres humanos SOLO se diferencian por su conciencia.

En mi experiencia personal sé que la muerte es solo una cuestión de percepción. Recuerda para traer una persona a la vida. Ignora para restarle entidad. No existe vida o muerte, solo recuerdo u olvido.

Si nuestra existencia está migrando hacia formas intangibles, ¿Sigue teniendo sentido nuestro cuerpo? ¿O solo es un contenedor? Ésa es la cuestión que canto

Insomnio: Poema / Insomnia: Poem

[ES] Normalmente compongo canciones partiendo de una melodía pegajosa. Éste no fue el caso: Insomnio es un poema que habla de la relación con un otro que no está, pero que aún es en nosotros.
Escribí este poema mientras dos de mis mejores amigxs estaban perdiendo a alguien importante en su vida y yo estaba lejos.
De vacaciones en la costa y con el mar de fondo, me detuve en las noches eternas de desvelo inseperadas, sabiendo que luego del final todos somos parte de lo mismo y mientras tanto solo saboreamos reminiscencias y esperanzas tan volubles como nuestra humanidad.
Escribí este poema para decir “Estoy contigo. No tienes mi cuerpo, pero tienes mi corazón”
y decirme: “Mis amantes están conmigo. Tal vez perdí sus cuerpos, pero tengo sus corazones”.

[EN] I usually compose songs starting with a sticky melody. This was not the case: Insomnia is a poem which talks about a relationship with other who is not here, but still is in us.
I wrote this poem while two of my closest friends were losing someone important in their life, and I was too far to be with them.
On holidays by the sea, I paused for a moment thinking about the endless and sleepless nights unexpected, having for sure after their end we are all part of the same and while we are living, we only savour reminiscences and hopes as fragile as our humanity.
I wrote this poem to say “I’m with you. You don’t have my body, but you have my heart” and to tell myself “My lovers are with me. Maybe I’ve missed their bodies but I have their hearts”.


Full of dreams,
opened eyes.
Nights of… Insomia.

I can hear you beside me.
Can somebody realize that as I?
I will give you this moment
without thinking if you’re miles away

The many sleepless nights
have come to end tonight
Heaven knows the reason why

If I overcome fragility inside
Will you be by my side till the end of time?

Take this commemoration
although you left your body behind.
While I’m savoring moments,
you’re alive when I hold on the past.